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The domain name translates to the primary IP address, which replies with HTTP response: 200 "OK".

The webserver runs on a Pepyaka/1.11.3 platform.


The name zone records for contain: 2 name servers, 1 IP address, 1 canonical and 5 mail servers.

The primary name server is and the domain receives email via Google Mail.

Site Verification

This website includes 1 site verification records.

Google Site Verification

1 H1g-LrwANMgcfa1l91Pk7TiEE-leZs63qMHDXTAwcJE
579 bytes in 0.3304s
IP address (A) (primary)
Canonical name records (CNAME) (www)
Name server (NS) (primary)
Mail server (MX)